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Teresa Gorman, former teacher, scientist, businesswoman and Member of Parliament, was at the peak of her business career when, in her 40s, she began to experience the debilitating effects of the menopause.

As a result, she set up the Amarant Trust to inform other women going through the menopause of the many benefits of HRT.

In doing so, she succeeded in putting HRT on the map in the UK.

Her election to Parliament in 1987 gave her the opportunity to break a taboo surrounding menopause by bringing the subject onto the floor of the House of Commons. Since then, she has contributed to menopause conferences in the UK, Sweden, Italy, Australia and Thailand.

After benefiting from thirty years on HRT, Teresa is determined that other women should not be refused HRT after five years of use because the potential damage to their health will return. In this book she attempts to set the record straight by explaining the many benefits of HRT.